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What is The Bubbly Bridal Expo?

Select Gowns (Bridal Sizes 8 – 16)

ALL Off-The-Rack Gowns are $699 Today

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How Do I get There?

This event will be held at Champagne Taste Bridal 32 Cox Road Huntingtown MD, 20639

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The registration Fee is $25.00 (up to 4 guests)

Registration is closed. Please come to the show to register.

Red, White & Blue Sample Sale Details

Our boutique has been OVERSTOCKED with gowns for over 2 years now thanks to Covid and just overall hoarding in fear of not being able to get something in time for our brides, off-the-rack stock intake and just chaos of a big shop in a smaller space! lol We are ready to overall the boutique this AUGUST, restructure, move some things around and launch some amazing new things — BUT FIRST — We need to move gown out ASAP and FOR JUST $699!!
This will take place at our BOUTIQUE — Our sale gown racks will be in our front parking lot, parking is available on the side of our building and dressing rooms will be inside of our boutique! — This is a SUNSHINE EVENT ONLY — It will be rescheduled if there is inclement weather and we ask there be NO CHILDREN since this is hosted by the roadway and could be dangerous to them. IF THIS EVENT GETS TOO MUCH TRACTION WE WILL MOVE IT TO A LOCAL INDOOR FACILITY! YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED IF THAT OCCURS.
THE MAIN DETAILS: All gowns part of the sale will be $699 — it is that simple!
GOWN SIZING: We are heavily stocked in BRIDAL SIZES 8 – 16. However, we do have select gowns under and above that sizing.
  • If you ABSOLUTELY don’t find something off-the-rack for $699 — we WILL have our Maggie Sottero and Bubbly Collection gowns for made-to-order purposes and anything ordered that day will only have a minimum of $699 to be put down and split in 3 additional payments — these gowns however retail $1,250 – $2,650. This is used as more a last resort option to assist if the style or size in the $699 racks is not found, but it does not have to be explored by the guests. We don’t want brides leaving without a dress and be disappointed they couldn’t see more — of course you can always schedule a regular appointment to see more OTR and Made-To-Order gowns at a later time too.
You will register on our website for a “Shopping Timeframe” — when you arrive for your shopping timeframe other brides will be shopping with you! It is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE style. We only have 3 dressing areas that are going to be available for our brides for up to 15 minute intervals. You can choose up to 3 gowns to take in the dressing room at first and then can look again if needed during your shopping time block.
—- (MUST BE 18+) There is a $25 per bride registration fee to ensure we are being fair to brides that are ready to purchase a gown should they find one they love (THE REGISTRATION FEES WILL BE APPLIED TO THE PURCHASE OF A GOWN AT THE EVENT or if you do not find a gown you love, you can use the $25 Credit at our sister boutique IBH Creations & Boutique — just ask for your coupon code upon leaving – Event registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE (even if you don’t find a gown or don’t want to use it at IBHCB).
Specific Policies:
– Only allowing up to 4 guests to come with the bride (total of 5 guests). Please refrain from bringing children, as the gown racks will be in our parking lot, which is next to a roadway.
– You are shopping within a 2 hour shopping window which will have other brides shopping during that same window. This is NOT a one-on-one event, but you are welcome to schedule a standard appointment with us after the event for regular priced inventory.
– We will have 3 dressing room stations — first come, first serve style and a limit of 15 minutes per use. Consultants will be around to help, but not assigned to you.
– You can have 3 gowns in the dressing room at a time, but then will need to put back and start the search over for any new gowns to try on.
– Registration is REQUIRED –

Terms and Conditions

The event will be held at Champagne Taste Bridal. Parking is free for all. There is limited parking so please arrive timely, but please be aware doors WILL NOT open early. We will be allowing you to shop during your designated shopping timeframe only. 

Your registration will guarantee ATTENDANCE to the show and is NOT a one-on-one appointment. Consultants will be available, but not necessarily assigned to you. Our consultants will only allow you to try on gowns that can actually arrive in time for your wedding, be altered and are in the scope of the desired gown. We DO NOT allow gowns to be tried when it comes to improper sizing as this can cause damage to the gowns and warrant you to pay for a gown you don’t love. The gown must be within an appropriate alteration range or able to be ordered if it is too small or too large. 

Remember bridal sizing can run 1 -4 sizes up, so DO NOT look at gowns that are your current jean size. A Bridal Profile is filled out when registering for your shopping timeframe. Please fill this out so our consultants can best assist you. This helps us stay on time, as we must be mindful of the schedule for the day. 

Gowns will be $500, $750 or $999 each plus Maryland State Taxes. There will be over 200 gowns to choose from but a limited supply of lesser expensive gowns ($500). All gowns will be well under their retail value, so regardless of price point they are all a great deal.

Please arrive on time to ensure you have the availability to look at the gowns. If you do not find a gown, you are more than welcome to make an appointment at Champagne Taste Bridal to choose from over 500 gowns in our boutique at NON-SAMPLE SALE pricing (still a good deal) and new arrivals. Your admission fees will apply to a gown purchase that SAME DAY. Otherwise, your admission fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, even if you do not show up for your appointment the fee will be retained as a show attendance fee. 

Once you have booked your appointment, there is NO REFUND for non-attendance cancellations. We can instead offer you credit to our sister boutique, IBH Creations & Boutique’s, website to be used by the end of the year, as long as you have cancelled your event registration within 3 days of the event. If you cancel inside of the 3 days prior to the event or just don’t show up, your registration fee will be forfeited.  

  • PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF GUEST COUNT — We ask there there be no more than 4 guests + the bride and NO CHILDREN — this is a sample sale, it can be chaotic and too many opinions can be EXTREMELY overwhelming. We do suggest to refrain from brining children to this event specifically because the gowns will be in our parking lot next to a major roadway and could be dangerous for children. 
  • If you plan to try on gowns, please refrain from recently being spray-tanned, wearing makeup that easily rubs off or any lipstick colors. These can damage gowns and cause you to have a purchase a gown you don’t absolutely love!
  • All vendors that provide gift bag inclusions will receive a list of the attendees and may use these for marketing purposes.
  • Photographs may be taken at the event and by registering yourself and your guests, you permit Champagne Taste Bridal, LLC & Affiliates to use any photographs, without further approval, for marketing purposes through social media and print advertising.
  • All gown sales are FINAL, non-refundable, not exchangeable, and not returnable. Gowns are all sold ‘AS IS’. Alteration questions should be asked at the time of the show and will be priced independently by an independent seamstress. Champagne Taste Bridal can offer seamstress suggestions but holds no liability to their work.
  • Attendance at this event is done at the attendee’s own risk. It is the responsibility of the attendee to practice safe distancing, proper mask procedures, and hand hygiene. Champagne Taste Bridal, LLC Owner, Staff & Affiliates will be doing their best to ensure a sanitized and safe experience. 


Champagne Taste Bridal, LLC reserves the right to ask any attendee to leave the premises if they are not following proper COVID procedures, being unkind to the sales staff, vendors, other bridal expo participates or participating in any form of horseplay (pushing, shoving, foul language and other activities that may be deemed harmful or unnecessary).