Are You a Vendor?

All vendors must fill out this form to be in the Bridal Expo. This helps us keep track of everything for the show. Failure to fill out this form may result in your company not being able to attend the show. 

  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 1.
  • Displays taller than 3 feet will not be permitted on top of the tables as this may block another booths ability to be seen and is not acceptable policy. If the display is taller than three (3) feet or wider than nine (9) feet it must be in front, or behind the eight (8) foot table provided.
    *Power options are not guaranteed. You will be notified if they cannot be accommodaed. (Extension cords are supplied by vendor, not the expo)
    Vendors may not select their location or room they will be presenting in and will be the exclusive decision of Champagne Taste Bridal, LLC staff.

    Booths are strategically placed to ensure space requirements, variation of vendors and the ability to each vendor to be seen by our Bridal Expo guests.

    All vendors have the opportunity to meet every client as guests are not eligible for prizes or any contents unless all booth numbers have been punched. Champagne Taste Bridal will provide hole punchers.
    These products may not be present for pick up after the close of the Bridal Expo.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Please review your vendor contract if you have any questions!